Fresh Breads

Fresh Breads & Dinner Rolls


The smell and taste of freshly baked breads gives you a feeling of home, warmth, nostalgia, and comfort like nothing else can.

Whether you have a taste for homemade Italian bread, French bread, rye bread, pumpernickel, or marble bread, you will find your favorites right here at our bakery on 17 Mile Road.

We bake fresh breads and dinner rolls every day, and we can slice it for you if you wish.

Our Breads

Italian Plain (Sliced or Unsliced)

Soft and absorbent with a flaky crust, Italian bread is available with a seeded or unseeded crust.

French Bread

Our most popular bread, French bread is dense and features a crisp crust.

Pumpernickel Bread

Made of sourdough and ground rye, pumpernickel is brown bread with a savory, sweet, and sour flavor.

Rye Bread

Rye bread can be beige to dark brown, with deeper colors having a stronger flavor. It is available seeded or unseeded.

Marble Bread

Offering a fun and appetizing appearance, marble bread is light rye dough and dark rye dough braided or rolled together.

Wheat Bread

Perfect for sandwiches and toast, wheat bread offers a delicious flavor as well as heart-health benefits.

Dinner Rolls

Head on in for fresh dinner rolls to enhance dinnertime. They’re also perfect for mini sandwiches and snacktime.


Find the wedding cake of your dreams. With exquisite designs and delectable flavor, our cakes will be a highlight of the night.

Find Your Wedding Cake


Fresh pastries are available in our Sterling Heights bakery every day, so you can indulge on your own time, any time.

Sweets on the Daily


If you are celebrating a birthday, job promotion, or other special occasion, our cakes and cupcakes will make it a day to remember.

Specialty Desserts


Start your morning right with our fresh muffins, doughnuts, coffee cakes, and danishes. Buy just one or buy a dozen to share.

Breakfast Treats